About Us

Pangolin Conservation GUILD Nigeria.

Also Known as Pangolin Conservation Working Group Nigeria (PCWGN).

The group works mainly to ensure that pangolins are protected in Nigeria through research, awareness creation and relevant collaborations.


Conservation of Pangolins in Nigeria.

  1. Creating awareness of the importance of Pangolin conservation among the Nigerian populace.
  2. Undertaking and collaborating in scientific research to learn more about Pangolins; their ecology and breeding, and devising appropriate conservation actions.
  3. Collaborating with other relevant organizations in Nigeria (e.g NESREA) to help in seeing to law enforcement against Pangolin trafficking and promoting issues that concern conservation of Pangolins.
  4. Providing evidence based advice for policies to the Ministry of Environment and other conservation stakeholders.
  5. Rescue, rehabilitation and release of Pangolins to protected forest areas.
Prof. Olajumoke Morenikeji

Prof. Olajumoke Abimbola Morenikeji

Chair, PCWGN

Chair, Pangolin Conservation Working Group Nigeria

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